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Houston Church of God


True Liberty

False Prophets

What was God thinking?


Is the Church to be doing Great Miracles, Signs and Wonders?


A Glimpse At God's Throne

Is the Trinity Doctrine Valid?

The Power of Love

Ezekiel Speaks to America

God's Longest Silence


How should we handle Christmas?

Tithing II - The Other Shoe Drops


Principles of Spiritual Health

Why Are We Here?

Basics of Prayer

Are We a House of Prayer?

False Prophets

The Commandments

Trumpets and the Power of God

Understanding the Wave Sheaf

Death is a Type of Sleep

Who or What is God, Part 1


Collosians 3 Revisited

What Is Happening In Heaven Now?

Examining Leaven

Use the Holy Spirit

Jesusí Final Week Instructions

Where Do We Go Now?

What Was God Thinking?

Our Part in God's Plan, Pt. 1

Jesus and the Sabbath Day

The Sabbath Day

Our Part in God's Plan, Pt. 2

Pentecost & the Wave Loaves

Blessed are the Eyes


How Does God Finance the Feast of Tabernacles?

Must the Church Keep Holy Days?