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Houston Church of God


True Liberty

False Prophets

What was God thinking?


Is the Church to be doing Great Miracles, Signs and Wonders?


A Glimpse At God's Throne

Is the Trinity Doctrine Valid?

The Power of Love

Ezekiel Speaks to America

God's Longest Silence


How should we handle Christmas?

Tithing II - The Other Shoe Drops


Principles of Spiritual Health

Why Are We Here?

Pride-Gateway to Sin

Are We a House of Prayer?

False Prophets

Getting to the Light

Trumpets and the Power of God

Understanding the Wave Sheaf


Who or What is God, Part 1



What Is Happening In Heaven Now?

Examining Leaven


Jesusí Final Week Instructions

Where Do We Go Now?


Our Part in God's Plan, Pt. 1

Jesus and the Sabbath Day


Our Part in God's Plan, Pt. 2

The Sabbath Day


God Finances the Feast of Tabernacles

Must the Church Keep Holy Days?


Blessed are the Eyes

Pentecost & the Wave Loaves


What Was God Thinking?

Use the Holy Spirit


Collosians 3 Revisited

The Commandments


Death is a Type of Sleep

Basics of Prayer