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On this website, you will find a Statement of Beliefs along with supporting scriptures. Our Frequently Asked Questions contains answers to commonly asked questions about our congregation.

If you like, you can visit our Downloadable Messages section and listen or download messages that are of interest to you. If you prefer the written medium, we have articles written by our members stored there.

You will also find links to congregation locations where you can visit and be encouraged in the Way and with the Word of God. This list of links will be updated as we locate and attempt to unite likeminded brethren. 

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About us

We are brethren dedicated to keeping the Commandments of God and having the faith of Jesus Christ! We also keep the High Sabbaths, or Annual Feast Days established by God through Jesus Christ, whom we recognize to be the YHVH (Yahweh) of the Old Testament--the one thought to be God by practitioners of the Hebrew religion.


Services Location

Weekly Sabbath Services are located at the A.I.M. Controls meeting room located at 3916 Anderson Road, Houston, Texas 77053. Our phone number is 281-768-5582; leave a message and somebody will return your call. Services begin at 2:00 p.m. on the Sabbath Day and are somewhat traditional in nature. 

If one has internet access, as exhibited by your being able to read this page, you can see a map to the location by entering the address above after clicking on the following link: Google

If you use the Google feature, you will get a map and another excellent feature called "Street Level." If you click on Street Level, you'll see the front of the building so you'll be able to recognize it when you get there.

Here is a picture of the building just in case!

Houston Church of God