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2020 Church Calendar

APRIL 4SabbathRoyceTodd
APRIL 8 (Night before)PassoverCongregation
APRIL 9First Day Unleavened BreadRoyceAlfreda
APRIL 11SabbathRoyceCarole
APRIL 15Last Day Unleavened BreadRoycePaula
APRIL 18SabbathRoyceSusie
April 25SabbathRoyceTodd
May 2SabbathRoyceAlfreda
May 9SabbathRoyceCarole


Passover is conducted the night before the date listed.  There will be foot-washing and sharing of the bread and wine along with Congregational reading of the scriptures related to the death of the Christ, along with His last hours as a flesh-and-blood man. 

Services will be at our local hall where we meet on the weekly Sabbath.